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Bear is a producer of fruit snacks made exclusively of healthy, natural ingredients. For years, they have been popular among children and adults, women and men, people on a diet and those who do not have to worry about the calorie content of their meals. All because they are sweet, aromatic, have a delicious, fruity taste and can be reached at any time. The company was founded by Hayley, a personal trainer. Because of her profession, she was still in contact with people for whom diet and regular exercise were a kind of punishment. So she decided to embark on a journey around the world, looking for a healthy alternative to sweet snacks. And then she found an article about bears. It was learned that bears that came to the city in search of feed are 30% heavier and 30% less active than their friends living in the wild. What's more, they die much earlier. This story made her aware of the importance of natural, unprocessed products and an active lifestyle and inspired her to create the Bear brand. Today, the company's offer includes fruit yo-yos and fruit snacks in various shapes, for example, imprints of wild animals. They are not only delicious, sweet, soft, but also healthy, natural and filling.

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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items