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PAM Cooking Spray

is the most popular and recognized as the world's best spray frying oils. PAM is a brand that produces sprays for baking, stewing, grilling. They successfully replace oils, margarine and other fats used in preparing dishes in a frying pan. What distinguishes PAM sprays is that the portion does not contain calories, while 1 tablespoon of traditional oil has 90. PAM Cooking Spray very quickly gained a loyal group of customers, because it proved that fried foods do not have to be greasy at all. , caloric and unhealthy. What's more, it has introduced a wide range of flavors, such as coconut, which increase the flavor of dishes. Sprays developed by the brand are suitable not only for baking or grilling meat, but also for salads and pasta. PAM sprays have been on the market since 1961. Their originators are Leon Rubin and Arthur Meyerhoff, from whom their name comes (Product of Arthur Meyerhoff). The brand belongs to the American ConAgra Foods group, based in Nebraska. The popularity of the US frying spray has made it a food product for everyday use in every home, like ketchup and sugar.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items