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Bolero Drink is a producer of powdered beverages, isotonic drinks and teas for cold preparation. Each month, the brand sells over 20 million sachets of its products. Reason? Customers love their fruity taste and also that they are rich in vitamin C and do not contain sugar. The brand's offer includes maxi sachets, allowing you to prepare 1.5 l of fruit drink and mini sachets, which when mixed with 500 ml of water or milk turn into a delicious lemonade or shake. Bolero tempts customers with dozens of flavors, including pomegranate, blackcurrant, pear, pineapple, grapes, woodruff, honey melon or guanabana. The powder teas, which taste best when cold, with the addition of ice, are also very popular, especially during the summer. The latest Bolero proposition is isotonic, helping to maintain the right level of hydration. Bolero products are ideal for diabetics, people on diet, sportsmen, children. They do not contain sugar, carbohydrates, gluten, artificial colors and preservatives. They are sweetened with stevia and cover 100% of the daily requirement for vitamin C.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 136 items