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Nuts'n more is a producer of high-protein peanut butter. It is made of the highest quality ingredients, it impresses with its taste and velvety consistency and is ideal for athletes' menu. What's more, it can be consumed by people on a diet and taking care of the line. The Nuts'n more brand was founded by three friends, Neil, Dennis and Pete. Men have always belonged to very active people who care about their figure and attach great importance to how they eat. No wonder then that bars and protein drinks were important in their diet. At some point, however, they had enough of them and decided to look for a tasty, valuable alternative to their previous snacks. This is how the idea for peanut butter Nuts'n more came into being. The brand's offer includes peanut butter in several flavors, including coconut, chocolate, almond or caramel. In addition to the typical ready-made peanut butter, the brand also produces powdered butter, which when mixed with water turns into a tasty, aromatic addition to the sandwich.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 39 items