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Fat-free, sugar-free flavors of Funky Flavors ideal for cold and hot applications. Pure food aromas without sugar and without sweeteners, on non-fat carriers, exactly the same as used in the production of food products (protein supplements with aromas, cocktails, protein bars) by professional producers. In September 2015, a competition for the example application of Funky Flavors food aromas was announced. The proposals for the use of aromas in a healthy light kitchen covered more than 50 different ideas: FOR SWEETS 1. After-school biscuits with bran 2. Home-made marshmallows 3. Ice-cream from frozen cauliflower 4. Ice-cream with fruit (Funky Flavors Straberry & Cream) 5. Curd with dates (Funky Flavors Cheesecake) 6. Chews with apple (Funy Flavors Apple Pie) 7. Waffles with cookie aroma 8. Meringues with vanilla flavor 9. Kogel mogel with pistachio aroma 10. Coffee with aroma 11. Healthy cupcake with a cup (wheat bran, egg, yoghurt + aroma) 12. Wafer products 13. Omelettes 14. Dessert topping with protein supplement 15. Oatmeal 16. 'Pseudo-apple pie' (beaten egg whites, cinnamon and apple pie aroma) 17. Homemade low-calorie and low-carb oreo 18 Tiramisu and Biscotti for dietetic "tiramisu" with pudding Jell-o and peanut butter PB2) 19. Muffins 20. Domestic protein bars 21. Homemade fit-bounty 22. Homemade fit-rafaello 23. Coconut to balls jaglano-koko 24. for tea 25. for vanilla cookies with cashews 26. Buttery biscuit or sponge cake - for biscuits with proteins and xylitol 27. Aroma of cheesecake for puffs with cottage cheese 28. Bubble Gum and Mango for homemade jellies or jelly 29. for rice with 30. fruit to baked sweet pasta 31. Raspberry and mango for sorbets 32. Mango for fruit salad 33. for mousses, creams and mousses 34. for chocolate fit-brownie with red beans 35. scrambled eggs in butter with coconut flakes and funky aroma flavors 36. babcine delicious dumplings with fruit and curd with aromas of funky flavors 37. for buttermilk or kefir 38. for dry bun 39. Cheesecake for cold cheesecake with Simply Jelly 40 jelly. Banana for millet muffins with pieces of bars Quest 41. Nougat for chocolate pralines from beans 42. real fake caramels - Toffee for ground and cubed tofu 43. to paleo-brownie from sweet potato 44. to toasts 45. for masses walnut 46. for semolina 47. for pudding 48. for pudding with chia 49. for banana-egg buns 50. for experiments with non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails, and cocktails based on cream SALTY 51. Salad with chicken breadcrumbs with sesame sauce caramel (Funky FLavors Caramel) 52. Dietetic Pad Thai with chicken and konjac pasta in a nut sauce (Funky Flavors Peanut) 53. Cod with vegetables in a coconut sauce (Funky Flavors Coconut) 54. Stuffed chicken fillet in a nut sauce (Funky Flavors Peanut ) 55. Roasted peanut for salads (nuts, mixed salad, roasted turkey)

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Showing 1 - 39 of 257 items