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Showing 1 - 39 of 177 items

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Light mixtures for low carbohydrate cakes

The light cakes category contains diet cakes for self-preparation at home. Most pastry mixes available in stores are based on wheat flour and sugar. People who are on a diet most often can not afford products based on these ingredients. Mixes for cakes available in the shop are cakes based on flours low in carbohydrates and sugar-free. Our assortment includes sweetened doughs such sweeteners as: sucralose, stevia, maltiol, erytrol and others. Cake without added sugar, based on blends rich in protein tastes great while meeting the assumptions of diet. High-protein and high-fiber products cause a feeling of fullness for long hours, which promotes weight loss. If you are on a diet and miss a sweet dessert, a good choice will be to use one of our mixtures, the cake will be delicious, filling and at the same time easy and quick to prepare. We encourage you to use the filters so you can easily find diet gluten-free cakes.