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Showing 1 - 39 of 57 items

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Low carb waffles and pancakes without sugar

Waffles and pancakes are products that make a delicious breakfast. Those that our mothers and grandmothers did, although delicious, were not a product conducive to losing weight. Wheat flour, sugar and frying fat are responsible for the high calorific value of traditionally made waffles and pancakes. Mixtures available in our store allow you to quickly make a diet version of pancakes, pies and waffles. What are the differences between the blends available in Guiltfree? Above all, it has a higher protein content. Pancake pancakes are not only very tasty breakfast but also very filling. The protein is responsible for the feeling of fullness and stable blood sugar levels for many hours. In addition, dietetic pancakes do not contain sugar, the sweeteners used make them taste as good as traditional, without providing additional calories from sugar. If you like sweet pancakes and waffles, you will definitely be interested in sweet toppings, which are also available in the Zero Calories version.