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Showing 1 - 39 of 891 items

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The largest selection of non-fat food flavors in Poland

A huge amount of food products contain aromas. Man distinguishes only 5 (according to some sources 6) basic flavors. So all the nuances and uniqueness of the foods we eat are just a matter of their smell. Aromas available in traditional stores are limited to a few basic flavors. This time, the food industry has been using hundreds of available fragrances for years, which make the product taste (or actually smell) exceptionally. Thanks to our online store, the aromas available so far only for professional producers can be bought in a small bottle and discover the sea of ​​new, culinary possibilities. Everyone who struggles with the monotony of the diet will appreciate the vast selection of food flavors offered at Guiltfree. The products available from us are of the highest quality. In addition, we offer food flavors in two versions: clean and sweetened (you can divide them using our filters). Cakes, pancakes, yogurts, and other desserts are now available in hundreds of combinations.