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Showing 1 - 39 of 377 items

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Drinks in zero-calorie sachets, zero sugar, over 60 flavors

Drinks in sachets have gained popularity in recent times. In a world where man is in a constant run and has no time to look after a healthy and balanced diet, healthy instant meals are a kind of rescue from oppression. When you are attacked by a sudden desire to drink a sweet, refreshing drink, there is a small chance that you will find something in the nearby kiosk that will meet your needs. Instant drinks without sugar are so light that you can always have several sachets with you. Just buy a bottle of mineral water (you will already get it in every store), add a sachet to it, mix it and enjoy a refreshing drink that will not give you a single calorie. An additional advantage of drinks in sachets without sugar is a huge selection of flavors. More than 30 flavors of instant beverages are available at the store, this choice will satisfy even the most demanding customers. If you pay attention to the sweetener you use (you do not like or do not tolerate some sweeteners), please note that pods sweetened with stevia are also available.