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Showing 1 - 39 of 84 items

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Did you know that after fat, alcohol is the most calorific nutrient? The fat contains 9 kcal in 1 gram and alcohol up to 7. Of course, in a glass of wine, I do not find the alcohol itself, but it amounts to 10 to even 17% of the total. What does it mean for a person on a diet? This means that a medium-sized glass of wine (150 ml) can give you up to 160 kcal and only in the form of alcohol and wine is also carbohydrates. For many of us, the lamp of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon is an inseparable element of evening relaxation. Then a version without alcohol can come with help.

Does alcohol-free wine taste like real?

Of course, there will be a difference in taste. We assure you, however, that when choosing products for our store, we are guided primarily by quality. Drinks available in guiltfree are real wines from which alcohol has been eliminated. They can therefore be compared to low-alcohol beers. The taste is not identical but very similar.

What choice do you have?

Quite large but not overwhelming. We tried to get a few suggestions from each type. You will find white wines without alcohol such as Sauvignon Blanc, red and pink in several versions. For bubble lovers, we have imported sparkling versions (similar in taste to Proseco or Cava) that are particularly suited to hot summer evenings.

Mostly chosen

The number one is white wine without alcohol. Reigns here Suvignon Blanc by Eisberg and Light Live Chardonnay. The following places occupy the sparkling versions - pink and white German brand Rotkappchen. The most popular of the reds is Light Live Rot in a sparkling version.

Are you a driver? You are on a diet? Enjoy your friends in the evening and do not feel excluded!