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Showing 1 - 39 of 83 items

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Calorie free coffee cream, milky light foam and more

We have good news for everyone who is on a diet: Black coffee without additives has virtually no calories

So if you belong to those lucky ones who just enjoy this kind of coffee, you can be calm about your diet. For those who like sweet coffee with solid whitened cream, we also have good news (in the Guiltfree shop, we specialize in good news): now you can choose your favorite, dessert version of coffee and do not provide the body with any unnecessary calories. Walden Farms specializing in zero calorie products has recently launched a new series of products to replace traditional coffee creamers. A classic version of calorie-free coffee cream is available as well as hazelnut flavor, mocha coffee, sweet cream and French vanilla. Walden Farms products are also an excellent offer for those looking for a non-dairy creamer for coffee. For traditionalists, we have to offer Milchschaum, a milky milk foam, as light as a milky feather.