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Coffee and cocoa in the sugar-free version

For many of us, coffee and cocoa are an inseparable element of everyday rituals. Often, without a cup of coffee, we start a busy day and finish it by relaxing in the home warmth sipping evening cocoa. But what if the dietitian or doctor forbids us to accept these drinks? Do not worry, dietary versions of cocoa and coffee are available at the GuiltFree store. What is the difference between dietetic cocoa and the usual one. First of all, light cocoa does not contain sugar, many ready-made mixtures for making cocoa (especially those for children) consist mainly of sugar. With us you will find Nesquik's beloved cocoa without sugar but just as delicious. Normal cocoa is also fat - so a caloric product, if you love cocoa and at the same time count calories, you will definitely be interested in the maximum defatted version of cocoa (1% fat). Dark coffee is not a caloric product, but additives to it (cream and sugar) turn it into a slayer of dietary provisions. At Guiltfree you will get instant coffee - light and always at hand.