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Smackers aromatizers for water 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 127 items

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Sweetened flavors for water without calories, without sugar

What are smackers and aromatizers for water? The answer is simple - this is another solution for those who are used to sweetened refreshing drinks. Smackers contain extracts of known flavors and sweeteners, they are sold in liquid form and a few of their drops convert a glass of plain water into a refreshing drink. If you lack a sweet, refreshing taste and the water is simply not enough, thanks to the smackers into the water you will be able to prepare a calorie-free version of your favorite drink perfectly suited to you. Pre-made versions of beverages such as 7up light or Fanta Zero always taste the same and a smacker lets you compose a drink with different levels of sweetness. Flavors for water are very efficient, highly concentrated extracts (aromas) combined with sweeteners many times sweeter than sugar make a few drops per glass of water. Smackers have been created with water in mind, but they will be a great addition to low-calorie yoghurts and desserts.