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Showing 1 - 39 of 3314 items

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All kinds of protein products ideal for diets without carbohydrates

High-protein products are the basis of many modern diets. Individual diets differ in the guidelines on the amount and type of fats and carbohydrates consumed, but almost all recommend the consumption of large amounts of protein. The once popular Dukan diet and other low carbohydrate diets are based on high-protein products. While it used to mean eating lean meat and skimmed dairy products, there are currently many protein-based products that replace high carbohydrate products. Thanks to the protein products stored in our store, you will be able to re-enjoy bread, rice and protein noodles without breaking the rules of the diet. In addition to classic meals, you'll find in this category desserts based on proteins and sweeteners that will satisfy even the greatest appetite for sweets. Protein is a nutrient that is very well sated, turning the wafer into a protein bar you will eat up without unnecessary calories. Protein products have until recently been dedicated to athletes who want to build muscle mass. Recent studies, however, prove that consuming the right amount of protein while limiting calories has a beneficial effect on maintaining muscle mass of the body. If you care about losing kilograms of fat and not from muscles, introducing protein products to your diet will be the right decision. In this category, in addition to popular bars and nutrients, you will also find protein chips, dinner dishes, puddings, pasta and many other specialties, whose main macro-component is protein.