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Showing 1 - 39 of 1521 items

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Protein (protein) bars for athletes -  without sugar with the highest amount of protein
A huge selection of protein bars without sugar, vegan, natural composition, with a variety of flavors adapted to the needs of the most demanding customers

If you are a person full of energy and lead an intense life, you certainly have little time to prepare healthy meals. Products available in stores rarely meet the requirements of people who care about their figure. A good quality protein bar combines a healthy meal with something you can grab on the run. To quench your hunger and not provide your body with unnecessary calories, you must pay attention to the nutritional values ​​of the products you consume. Protein bars are composed to saturate, providing you with a large amount of protein without adding unnecessary fats and, above all, sugar. Which bar you choose depends on the situation you are in. As a meal replacement, great chocolate bars containing up to 50g of protein in a serving will be great. As a healthy dessert, we recommend smaller protein bars containing the minimum amount of sugar (they will satisfy your sweet desire and will not affect your figure badly). For those who want to add energy before training, we recommend energetic protein bars containing more carbohydrates.