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Protein cookies 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 363 items

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High-protein biscuits are an alternative to protein bars

you will find, among others, vegan protein biscuits

The category "protein cakes" contains protein counterparts of traditional cookies available in stores. Do you miss wafers, muffins and crispy cookies? At Guitfree we have gathered their healthy counterparts. In our store you will find great protein cakes from Lenny & Larry, which will satisfy even the greatest cookie-eaters. These cakes are delicious, occur in many amazing flavors and additionally ensured that their nutrients do not ruin the assumptions of your diet. Protein cakes available in our store contain a small amount of sugar, limited amount of fat and are additionally enriched with high quality protein. Diet is a period of sacrifice and longing, often willpower is not enough and for mental health we must allow ourselves to forget for a moment. A protein wafer is a healthy alternative to traditional biscuits that will satisfy sugary desires. For particularly demanding customers, we have uncompromising Mighty Muffins or protein muffins from a cup.