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Protein puddings 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 62 items

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Ready and instant protein pudding is a healthy dessert without sugar rich in high quality protein

Protein puddings are a product similar to protein nutrients. They differ in the way of preparation and consistency. These are dietary products with low fat content and minimal (or zero) amount of carbohydrates / sugar. If healthy eating is your everyday life, you certainly are not aware of protein shakes, which are the basis of the diet of body sportsmen. Now high-protein products are also available in the form of a smooth pudding, which after cooling becomes healthy and does not provide unnecessary calories with dessert. In our shop, instant puddings (in powder for self-made with water or milk) or ready (ideal for taking a trip or for work) are available. The leading body of protein pudding in the immediate form is Body Attack. These puddings are available in large cans, in many flavors and contain up to 30g of protein per serving. Ready MHP protein puddings are present in 3 flavors, delivering 30g of protein in a portion, zero sugar and only 200 kcal.