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Protein pancakes 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 80 items

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Protein pancakes are a delicious and healthy breakfast with great proportions of nutritional value

The category "protein pancakes" focuses products in the instant form intended for the preparation of healthy, dietetic pancakes. Protein pancakes are extremely easy to prepare - usually just mix the right amount of powder with water and fry it. Protein pancakes available in our store are characterized by a large quantity of high-quality protein in a serving and a varied amount of carbohydrates. They come in large packages or in individual sachets. The "Body Attack", FlapJacked or Fitness Authority protein pancakes are characterized by a combination of high quality protein with carbohydrates (eg in the form of oat flakes) and are intended for people looking for the perfect meal at the beginning of the day or before training. They provide a large amount of high quality protein and provide the energy necessary to perform a full-fledged training. For people who are slimming and limiting carbohydrates, DietiMeal diet pancakes available in sachets (also in the savory - bacon or cheese versions) will be a good offer.