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Protein Dishes 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 126 items

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The largest selection of dinner dishes with high protein content

In the "protein dishes" category we have focused products that allow you to prepare dinner dishes rich in protein. These products are characterized by fast preparation time and excellent nutritional values, they enable instant preparation of a healthy dish without excess carbohydrates. Among the products available in our store you will find protein ready meals requiring only reheating in the microwave, instant products for boiling hot water (all kinds of protein soups) and protein versions of popular dishes such as protein pizza, spaghetti or goulash. The protein dishes available at are the answer for all those who are struggling with the lack of time and looking for an easy to prepare meal that meets the requirements of their diet, which they can always have at hand. Some of the products will also work in a vegetarian diet, where it is difficult to source a wholesome protein. Vegetarians will find here meatless meatballs or nuggets.