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Showing 1 - 39 of 84 items

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Prepared dinner dishes and lunches in the instant version rich in protein

Diet is not only giving up sweets and limiting the calories consumed, it is also changing the whole philosophy of nutrition. One of the main elements of a wise diet are balanced meals made on the basis of the highest quality ingredients with appropriate nutritional values. These are the dinner dishes available at the store. Many healthy dishes require long cooking, thoughtful shopping and a variety of ingredients. Not all of us have time to spend long hours in the kitchen while preparing healthy dinners. Products in this category are high-protein dinner dishes (other than soups) that contain the optimal amount of fats and carbohydrates and up to 45g of wholesome protein per serving. You will find ready-made dishes, sealed in airtight bags, which require only heating (Performance Meals dishes are larger and more satisfying, for smaller appetites Dieti Meal dishes will work well). Another type of products are protein instant dishes that are perfectly suited to travel (light sachets).