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Dietary revolution - crisps rich in protein without unhealthy fats

Protein chips are hit last year when it comes to functional foods. Salsa is the most important thing in the field of salty snacks for athletes. The store was the first in Poland to sell the Quest brand of protein chips. Currently, protein chips are produced by three producers. The pioneer was the legendary American Quest brand. The Protein Chips, referring to the legendary protein bars of the same brand, provide as much as 21g in a serving. proteins. The difference is in the amount of 120 kcal (a result not available for bars containing the same protein). Similar products have also been introduced by European (British) producers. MyProtein and Protein Bites crisps contain slightly more calories (140 per serving) and over 20g of protein. What is new is the Lite version of chips released by Protein Bites, which are characterized by even lower fat content than their predecessors.