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Showing 1 - 39 of 44 items

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Traditional dried beef is an excellent high-protein snack

Dried beef is an unusual product in the Guiltfree store offer, because it was not created for athletes and slimming people. It does not change the fact that it has excellent nutritional values, which perfectly fit into the requirements of many diets. The most popular brand of dried beef (Beef Jerky) in our store is Jack Links. The company's products were available in some delicatessen chains, but at too high a price to gain popularity. The Jack Links beef is the most classic form of this delicacy. It should be noted, however, that Jack Links season its products with sweet spices - so if you have an orthodox approach to the sugar content per serving, read the leaflet carefully. Less popular products with better nutritional values ​​are dried beef from STM and Indiana Jerky. The products of these brands do not contain sugar and the protein is the vast majority of nutritional values. In addition, Indiana Jerky is salted with potassium salt, which is ideal for limiting sodium in the diet.