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Choose the best sweetener!

At, we're proud of the largest selection of sweeteners in Poland - you can choose from over 60 different sweeteners! For your convenience and easier selection we have prepared search filters (on the left side of the screen) that will help you find your perfect sweetener - you can choose both the proper sweetener (sweetener, loose sweetener, or sweetener in tablets) and sweetener in the filters.

If you are looking for a sweetener for hot beverages (coffee, tea), it is best to use a sweetener in tablets or disposable sachets. If you want to use a sweetener for the dough, the most convenient will be loose sweetener, which can be dispensed like sugar, also available in the form of fine powder, from which you can prepare the icing (Natvia Icing and Sukrin Meliss). For versatile applications, we recommend liquid sweeteners that can be conveniently dispensed and which are characterized by high solubility, we especially recommend a liquid maltitol ideal for baking diabetic and Vitafiber, a fiber sweetener syrup used to sweeten protein bars.

Among the sweeteners in the Guiltfree store you will find sweeteners based on the following sweeteners: stevia (leafy, extract, mixed), xylitol, erythritol (erythritol), Vitafiber (IMO), Splenda (sucralose), monk fruit, tagatose, maltitol, acesulfam , cyclamate and inulin.