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Showing 1 - 39 of 176 items

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High protein wraps, pita, tortillas, diet rolls, croissants and toast

Bread is the basis of the diet of modern man. Many of us can not imagine a day without a sandwich with cheese and cold cuts. When changing to a diet, we often have to give up traditional bread. Then, the dietary light bread available in the shop In this section you will find ready baked goods, if you are interested in baking a healthy bread (eg protein bread) go to the "flour and mix" section to the sub-category "light bread". If you're looking for low-carb rolls, breads, pies or toast, you're in the right place. Light bread available in our store are products in which the amount of carbohydrates has been kept to a minimum. Carbohydrates have been replaced with vegetable or milk protein. Thanks to this, a light roll or toast will not ruin your eating plan, on the contrary - it will take care of the right amount of protein you eat. Choose a protein croissant roll or a delicious tortilla for yourself!