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Rolls, light croissants 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 87 items

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Protein buns and croissants, low-calorie low-carb rolls

Can not you imagine the beginning of the day without your favorite croissant with jam drunk with aromatic coffee? Do not be afraid, now you will be able to give up your diet or your favorite start to the day thanks to the light counterparts of bread! In the subcategory "buns and light croissants" you will find fresh baked goods packed in sealed packaging, guaranteeing their long-lasting freshness. The problem with a traditional European breakfast, which is a croissant with butter and jam, is that virtually all these ingredients (except butter, of course) are 90% percent carbohydrates. If you are on a low carb diet (such as the Dukana, SouthBeach, or Low Carb diet), you know that such a carbohydrate dose is simply forbidden. Fortunately, the Italian bakery and pasta factory "Ciao Carb" has developed a method of baking rolls and croissants, which mostly consist of protein and fiber. Thanks to this, bread not only provides the body with the desired amount of protein but is also extremely low in calories.