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Showing 1 - 39 of 54 items

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Protein, dietary wraps, pitas and tortillas - low-calorie and low-carbohydrate

Wraps, pita and tortillas are extremely fashionable products, ideally suited to Middle Eastern and South American dishes. In the store we have collected for you low-calorie wraps and tortillas that will allow you to enjoy delicious lunch and to stay faithful to eating decisions. Traditional pies, in which we wrap our lunch mainly consist of flour and water (corn or wheat flour). The flour is mostly carbohydrates so if you are limiting this nutrient you certainly had to give up traditional wraps. Self preparation of a healthy tortilla with low carbohydrate content is very difficult, which is why we have brought to Guiltfree ready-made, dietary wraps, pits and light tortillas produced in the USA. These products are characterized by a high content of protein and fiber and in addition are very thin thanks to which they become low calorie. Did you think about being on a diet, you can go for a diet kebab, a light tortilla and even a pizza? Especially the dietary tortilla is the perfect material for the bottom of a light pizza that tastes like the truest.