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Protein toasts 

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Very light and low-calorie protein toasts

In the "light bread" category, protein toast is the most popular among our customers. Customers praise them for their delicious taste and excellent nutritional value as well as low calorific content. Toasted protein available in will work for everyone who is trying to reduce carbohydrates, increase the share of protein in their diet and at the same time does not want to give up bread. Toasted presented in this category are produced by the Italian bakery "Ciao Carb" specializing in low-carbohydrate products. There are two types of toast: protein and low carb (additionally toasts are available in several flavors, tomato, cocoa and without additives). Toasted low carbons are characterized by very low calorie content and huge fiber content (more than 50% of the composition is fiber). One toast has only 20 kcal. Protein toasts are aimed at those who want to eat more protein and more saturate (one slice is 29 kcal and 4.4g of protein.