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Jams without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 275 items

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Dietary "zero calorie" jams, low-calorie, sugar-free

The category "jams without sugar" is nothing new in the world of health food stores. The problem is that most jams available in Poland only pretend to be healthy and can do more harm than good. The sugar-free jams available in our store have been selected so that everyone can find a product that matches his diet. Do not look for fructose-sweetened jams, we think that these products mislead customers and do not differ (or at least not in a positive way) from traditional sugar-sweet jams. In this category you will find "zero-calorie jams" that will suit any diet because they do not contain any nutrients, so they are only an addition to dietary dishes. For those looking for jams with a high content of fruit, we imported low-calorie jams without sugar based on delicious fruit, sweetened with calorie-free sweeteners. You will find here jams sweetened with sucralose, stevia and erythritol, the latter are a very popular product of the brand "Sukrin" and are characterized by delicious taste.