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Ketchup and dressing 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 474 items

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Low-calorie, sugar-free additions to sandwiches - also in the "zero-calorie version"

The category "ketchup and dressings", or English "condiments", includes dry products used as an addition to dishes. At we have collected supplements that do not hide unnecessary calories, but they add flavor to diet dishes, the taste of which often requires enrichment and variety. Salad, lean grilled meat, vegetables are all snacks that fit most diets. However, anyone who made this type of dishes sooner or later realized that adding ketchup, mayonnaise or other dressing can radically change the nutritional value of the prepared meal. In this category you will find light sandwiches (such as mayonnaise or ketchup), calorie salad dressings from the American brand Walden Farms, or BBQ sauces for meats that will make the grilled chicken breast or turkey take a distinct taste and become juicy. Dressing without calories is a safe addition, so you do not have to weigh them and measure them, you just pour in as much as you like. Wonderful, right?