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Ketchup without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 71 items

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Healthy ketchups without added sugar and zero calorie ketchup

Many people who go on a diet and start an "adventure" with counting calories in astonishment state that the seemingly innocent ketchup contains a lot of sugar. At, you'll find "zero calorie ketchup" from the American brand Walden Farms, which will give your dish a tomato flavor without any caloric consequences. The ketchups offered in this category are sugar-free products dedicated to diabetics and all those who avoid carbohydrates and, in particular, sugar. Walden Farms ketchup is the least calorific product from this group and will work in all restrictive diets. If you are a connoisseur of ketchup, you will certainly be interested in the remaining products in this category, which are based on a large amount of tomatoes, however, instead of sugar, they use sweeteners that significantly reduce the calorie portion. The Heinz brand of ketchup is sweetened with sucralose. For those who value organicness, the "Felix" or "Heinz" sugar-free ketchup with stevia may be of particular interest.