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Showing 1 - 39 of 52 items

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Low-fat light mayonnaise and zero-calorie mayonnaise

"Zero-calorie mayonnaise"? It sounds impossible, however, there is a company that has taken on this challenge. Mayenes of the "Walden Farms" brand are products completely devoid of calories. The online store was the first in Poland to sell them. Mayonnaise consists mainly of oil and eggs, so it is easy to imagine that it is a real caloric bomb. The preparation of a mayonnaise recipe without calories was certainly a very difficult task, but it allowed people on a restrictive diet to enjoy the taste of this traditional addition of sandwiches and salads without feeling guilty. However, not everyone is an enthusiast of the taste of zero-calorie mayonnaise. The total deprivation of this fat product can not have an effect on the taste. For more demanding customers, we offer light mayonnaises from other companies, which constitute a kind of compromise between fat mayonnaise and mayonnaise without calories. The offer includes German mayonnaises "Thoma" and the American "Miracle Whip", which are almost 5 times less caloric than traditional mayonnaises.