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BBQ sauces zero calories are ideal for adding flavor to meat dishes. Sauces 0 kcal honey, classic and spicy.

BBQ Sauces is one of the basic ingredients of American cuisine. It is easy to imagine that their traditional versions are rich in fat and sugar. The response to the growing demand for low-calorie products in the USA was the release of zero-calorie BBQ sauces by Walden Farms. A series of these sauces is one of the most popular zero-calorie product groups. The basis of many diets are protein-rich products, including meat. People limiting fat in their diet certainly know the problem of dry meat (eg grilled chicken breast). The addition of one of the calorie-free BBQ sauces will not only give the meat a unique taste but also give it juiciness. Calorie-free BBQ sauces available in our store come in four flavors: Original (classic BBQ sauce), Honey (the sweetest of available sauces), Thick'n'Sipcy (thick and spicy), Hickory (sauce with the aroma of smoke). In addition to the family of BBQ sauces, there is a long-time calorie-free seafood sauce that works great with fish and shrimps.

0 kcal sauces, tips for use:

  •     fry lean meat over medium heat, for example using coconut oil for frying
  •     in the last phase, add 0 calories sauce
  •     heat for a moment
  •     0 kcal sauces are also ideally suited as a meat marinade, the marinated meat is suitable for baking or frying on a small / medium heat
  •     Vegetarians can add 0 kcal sauces to fried cheeses or tofu (a 0 kcal sauce with a honey or spicy taste is especially recommended)