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Showing 1 - 39 of 178 items

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Dressing "zero calories" that will add flavor to salads and dinner dishes

Dressings are very popular products in the USA, like BBQ sauces. They form the basis as an addition to salads and meat dishes. The Walden Farms company has released zero-calorie dressings, the flavors of which correspond to the most popular sauces used in American cuisine. The salad is a very good idea for people on a diet. Fresh vegetables, grilled or boiled chicken breast or tuna is a combination of fiber-rich products with a source of wholesome protein. However, vegetables and meat will not be tasty without the addition, which will give a dish of juiciness. In the traditional cuisine, the obvious choice would be dressing based on oil, oil or sour cream. However, additives are simply too caloric for many people. The addition of zero-calorie dressing to salads is an ideal solution for those who follow restrictive diets. Walden Farms took care of the variety of flavors of calorie-free dressings, there are over 35 flavors of dressings available for sale that you can add in any quantities!