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Cheese and butter shavings 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 46 items

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Sprinkle with butter and cheese flavor adding aromas to the dishes without unnecessary calories

Many dishes owes their unique flavor to the aromas contained in the ingredients. A buttery sauce or a cheese crust on a casserole is a synonym of a tasty dish. Unfortunately, also caloric. Missing the taste of real butter and cheese, we present practically non-caloric sprinkles for dishes. These sprinkles are something like spices, they are in the form of small chips and they are closed in disposable bags or convenient dispensers. The offer of the store includes Butter Buds and Kernel Season's sprinkles. Butter Buds are butter butters based on real butter, which give the dish a unique buttery aroma. Ideally suited as a sprinkle for potatoes and other dishes traditionally seasoned with butter. Kernel Season's is cheese sprinkles, based on a mixture of real cheeses, but the amount you need to give the dish the desired taste is so small that it is a product that does not affect the calorie content of the food in practice. Season with cheese, vegetables, meat and other delicacies.