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Low salt sodium - ideal for people limiting salt / sodium in the diet

Diet is not just counting calories. Diet is a complete change in diet. The dishes available in stores often contain a very large amount of salt. For all who have to or want to give up salt, the alternative is low sodium salt available at Sodium (ie the salt component) is responsible for the accumulation of too much water in the body (sodium entering the blood must be "diluted" so that it does not threaten our health, which is why the body accumulates more water). Excess water in the body is higher weight, heavy legs and above all the risk of overpressure. Many customers coming to our diet store try to limit the amount of salt consumed and most of them do not know about the so-called potassium salt, which also has a salty taste but does not contain sodium. Potassium salt is also used in some dietetic products. An example is dried Indiana Jerky beef (also available in our store), which, despite the very salty taste, does not contain sodium.