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Showing 1 - 39 of 621 items

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Light syrups ideal for desserts and coffee, also in the zero calorie version

In the category of "light syrups" you will find sweet toppings and syrups that will restore the diet to the taste of real dessert. One of the best-selling product groups in our store are just zero-calories syrups. Syrup available at are produced by several leading manufacturers. Walden Farms is the most popular brand in this category. Walden Farms zero-calorie syrups are available in fruit flavors (berry, strawberry) and dessert flavors (chocolate, caramel). These syrups have a thick consistency and are great as ice-cream toppings, pancakes, yogurts etc. The DaVinci brand specializes in calorie-free coffee syrups. DaVinci syrups come in a huge amount of flavors (you will find here such sophisticated specialties as sugarless cake syrup, chocolate praline praline and many more). In the sub-category "syrups and sauces without sugar" we placed the densest of syrups, which are not completely calorie-free, but are uncompromisingly delicious and completely sugar-free.