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Showing 1 - 39 of 481 items

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The largest selection of zero-calories syrups

Low-calorie syrups are one of the most popular products in our store. Walden Farms syrups are available in 5 flavors: caramel, chocolate, strawberry and blueberry and 'pankejkowym' flavored with maple syrup. Walden Farms zero calories syrups are quite thick and work well as toppings for an omelette or pancake - if you eat protein pancakes or protein omelets for breakfast, you certainly know that they tend to be quite dry - in this situation the zero-calorie syrup is perfect, which does not change meal macros, for it makes it sweet and juicy.

Walen Farms syrups are not the only zero-calorie syrups found in the store. In addition, we also offer DaVinci syrups in a fabulous selection of 30 flavors (including white chocolate syrups, macadamia nuts, coconut, toffee or kajmak) and exclusive syrups for Torani coffee (eg flavored with Belgian speculoos biscuits or marshmallows). You can choose additives for syrups - a bartender dispenser or a pump that makes dosing easier.

The choice of syrups without calories is complemented by the thick MyProtein MySyrup syrups in comfortable, squeezable tubes and seasonally limited editions of Californian zero-calorie syrups from Jordan's Skinny Mixes.