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Syrups and sauces without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 127 items

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Low calorie syrups without sugar

Sugar-free syrups differ from zero-calories syrups with sweeteners - while sugary-zero syrups are sweetened with sucralose, sugar-free syrups are sweetened primarily with maltitol. Maltitol belongs to the so-called polyols, i.e. polyhydric alcohols, which are mostly not metabolised by the human body. Syrups without sugar are very thick, have an intense taste and pleasant, intense sweetness. It is an ideal choice for people who pay attention to the so-called net carbohydrate balance.

Among the low calorie syrups without sugar, Hershey's syrups (chocolate and strawberry) are the most popular. Worth recommending due to the natural taste are very thick Colac syrups (Choco46 and Toffee67) and DaVinci sauces (chocolate and caramel) available in large bottles (1.9 liters).

If you are looking for a low-calorie alternative to maple syrup or agave syrup, you will be interested in Vermont syrups (flavored and maple-butter) and Joseph's - about 60kcal / 100ml and do not differ in taste from high-calorie maple syrup. Maple syrups without sugar are ideal as topping for protein pancakes or additions to oatmeal.