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Halva light, sugar free Turkish Delight 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 60 items

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Halva without sugar

The last few months in our diet store are peanut butter made from 100% nuts. Similarly a natural product containing a lot of valuable ingredients could be halva ... If it were not for sugar. In Guiltfree is available Halva light, which is 100% sugar-free and is an interesting alternative to 100% nut butter.

Recently, in the functional food world, the products with the proportions of nutrients and not the overall calorific value of the portions are more and more popular. Ketogenic diets are based on the consumption of a large amount of healthy fats and high-protein protein and at the same time limiting the carbohydrates consumed to a minimum. The products perfectly matching this trend are pure peanut butter. However, these products do not all fit, often customers notice that they lack the sweetness that they remember from the taste of classic peanut butter. Then, sugar-free halva of light can be used as a healthy and valuable dessert.