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Healthy chewing gum without sugar

Chewing gum is a great way to be greedy. Often we are not really hungry but we feel like a little treat. Available in ordinary chewing gum stores, they have very repetitive flavors. At the Guiltfree store, we took care of the new taste experience in the field of gum without sugar.

Most of us, when thinking about chewing gum, imagine the taste of mint, eucalyptus or an unspecified fruity taste. This time, Extra Dessert Deligt went a completely different way of thinking. Treating chewing gum as a product that can help in suppressing sweetness whims, she released a series of gums with surprising flavors that are completely calorie-free. Among the available flavors appeared gums with a taste of cakes and other desserts as well as chewing gums with the taste of exotic fruits.

The type of sweetener used in the chewing gum is also significant. Most of the sugars available on the market are sorbitol, but in the store you will also find chewing gum sweetened with stevia.