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Liquorice without sugar 

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Licorice dietary candies

Licorice candy is a delicacy in the Scandinavian and Benelux countries. In Poland, it does not have too many supporters, therefore, the selection of this type of sweets in stores is small. If you are a licorice lover and at the same time you avoid sugar, you have only one choice - Lucretia without sugar available in the store. Not only do we have liquorice without sugar in our assortment but we also have many types. The German Ricola sweets are hard (like hard candy) and the sweetener used is sorbitol. If you are looking for liquorice without sugar in the form of jelly beans, you will certainly be interested in the product of the "Haribo" brand, in which sugar was replaced with maltitol and stevia.

A completely different type of liquorice snacks are Saet Sweets. They are tiny, dull dragees, enclosed in tasteful tin boxes. Their characteristic feature is that they not only contain no sugar, but also any sweetening substances, they are a sweet non-sweet snack. You can choose between classic, mint, eucalyptus or anise flavors.