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Meringues without sugar 

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Dietary meringues without sugar and stevia

Meringues are unlikely to be associated with a diet product, in fact in the classic version they consist mainly of sugar. However, paradoxically, it is the diet meringues available at the store that are the closest to our customers' dreams of "zero-calorie biscuits". Meringues brand Krunchy Melts, characterized by an extremely low caloricity of portions. 10 pieces without just 30 kcal. How is this possible. The answer is simple, the vast majority of the composition of this product are sugar alcohols (maltitol) and fiber (isomalt), which are carbohydrates slightly absorbed by our body. In addition, meringue is a very light and therefore low calorie product. Dietetic meringues Krunchy Melts are present in 4 basic flavors that will satisfy the appetite of every nutritionist. You will find here classic vanilla mousses, flavored with coffee, chocolate and Dulche de Leche - a milk delicacy closest to the Polish kajmak and all these delicacies are really low in calories!