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The world's first brand that patented the process of creating zero-calorie products based on natural, highly concentrated flavors. Walden Farms is an American brand that has found a recipe for how to maintain a slim figure without denying your favorite delicacies. And which for over a dozen years shares this secret with its clients. The secret of Walden Farms products lies in a special production process, based on triple filtered water, highly concentrated natural aromas and natural dyes. Thanks to this, the company creates delicious, expressive additions to sweet and dry dishes that do not contain fat and carbohydrates and are low in calories. Their unusual taste and aroma is based only on natural ingredients, such as extracts and fruit juices, cocoa and herbs. In this way, the brand proves that you can cook without sacrifices but at the same time healthy. The Walden Farm offer includes sauces, dressings, dips and marinades as well as syrups, juices or non-fat coffee creamers. What's more, the brand has created a special recipe database for its customers for simple, quick and, most importantly, delicious dishes for the whole family.

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Showing 1 - 39 of 91 items