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Jellies without sugar 

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Fruit jelly without sugar in various shapes

Jelly bears are a very nice childhood memory for many of us. If you are trying to limit or eliminate sugars from your diet, you will certainly be happy to hear that in Guiltfree the entire category has been devoted to dietary sugar jelly candies. Sugar-free jellies are not only delicious but also very good compared to other dietary sweets in terms of calories. This is because sugar-free jellies do not contain fat, which is a very large caloric saving compared to, for example, chocolate without sugar. Most calories come from polyols (sugar alcohols), which replace sugar and are slightly absorbed by our body. The offer includes European products - such as DeBron Jelly Beans, found in many fruit flavors and not only (cola, marmallow) and sugar-free American jellies, including iconic Jelly Belly beans and supposedly the most beautiful of all Albanese bears. So if you give up sugar and in addition scrupulously count calories, dietary jelly beans can be the perfect dessert for you.