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Lollipops without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 125 items

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Healthy and low-calorie lollipops without sugar

Many customers visiting our diet store looking around the shelves stop the eyes on Chupa Chups lollipops. The question then is "Are these lollipops also without sugar?" Of course, they are in the guiltfree everything is without sugar ... Lollipops are one of the sales hits in our store and appeal to the taste of all sorts of customers. Just like dietary jelly beans, sugar-free lollipops do not contain fat and therefore have low calories.

If you limit sweets, a diet lollipop may be an ideal solution for an innocent treat between meals, quenching so-called. small hunger. In our offer you will find iconic lollipops from Chupa Chups version without sugar, but this is not the end. An interesting proposition for people who pay attention to the sweetener used may be Dr John's lollipops in which the sweetener is xylitol or Polish sweetened lentils stew as well as Polish lollipops "Yum" with xylitol and stevia created for the youngest. Add a few lollipops to the order and give a healthy surprise to the younger members of the family!