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Desserts without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 954 items

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A large selection of low-calorie diet desserts without sugar and with reduced calories

A light dessert is a way to satisfy the desire for sweets and stick to a dietary regime. Among the light desserts you will find jelly without sugar 0 kcal in a dozen fruit flavors of brands such as Simply Delish, Jell-O or Hartley's. Of the other desserts you will definitely be interested in sugar-free and fat-free puddings, as well as sugar-free mousses, which served in salad bowls will prove to be an elegant dessert for guests. One of the most sought after products are diet ice cream without sugar, available in 3 sweet flavors. You can eat sugar-free ice cream with one of our best-selling Walden Farms dips without sugar, no fat and no calories. The choice of diet desserts is complemented by chocolate creams and chocolate-nut creams without sugar, an excellent alternative to chocolate market creams for sandwiches that are packed with sugar calories. If you are looking for something healthy, sweet to crunch, check our granola and muesli with a low glycemic index, an excellent addition to healthy breakfasts, porridge or yogurt.