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Diet-free mousse without sugar - perfect sweet dessert on a diet

A light sweet foam that you can prepare for yourself in a few minutes, or give a dessert that respects your diet in elegant salad bowls. The mousse can be an independent dessert, you can also serve it with fruit, syrup without sugar or milk foam. In the store we offer bezuckrowe dessert mousses from 3 producers. Dr Oetker Canadian mousses are available in two classic flavors: milk and dark chocolate, a portion of Dr Oetker mousse is only 60kcal. Mousse Sans Sucre from USA is sweetened stevia with healthy desserts without sugar in 4 original flavors: French vanilla, cheesecake, cappuccino and lemon. Portion of Sans Sucre mousse is 70kcal - 80kcal. The English brand Angel Delight offers mousses in 3 sweet flavors: cookie, strawberry and chocolate - a portion of such a dessert prepared with full-fat milk is about 100 kcal, and the packaging is enough to prepare up to 4 servings. The mousse without sugar is a dietetic dessert very easy and quick to prepare, which always goes well - it does not require cooking, boring or tedious preparation, and all you need in the kitchen is a glass of milk or water, bowl and fork or whisk.