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Dietary ice cream 

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Dietary ice cream without fat and no sugar

Ice cream is a real calorie bomb - they are not only fat, but above all, packed with sugar. One scoop of creamy chocolate ice-cream can have up to 120kcal! Being on a diet, many people give up ice cream and replace it with a sorbet - this is not a good solution, because although the sorbet does not contain fat, the sugar content is similar to that in regular ice cream - so the sorbet is a high-carb and quite caloric cold dessert. For this reason, we recommend our clients who are longing for frozen sweets to prepare low-carbohydrate ice cream based on ready-made Dixie Diners mixes. It is a natural product with a low glycemic index, which is used to sweeten natural vegetable extracts. Ice cream prepared in this way is a delicious cold dessert and low in carbohydrates, although they do not belong to low-calorie sweets - their base is eggs and fondant, so it is a proposal for people who follow typical fat-protein diets, focused on eliminating carbohydrates, for people on a ketogenic diet involving the use of the ketosis process (i.e. burning fat converted to ketones instead of glucose) leading to weight reduction through the loss of fat tissue on the satiating high-fat and high-protein diet with a strict reduction of carbohydrates to a minimum.