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Zero calories dips 

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Sweet zero-calorie dips Walden Farms (sweets without calories)

Do sweets without calories exist at all?

You often ask us about sweets without sweets (chocolates, candies, cookies). Unfortunately, nobody has invented this type of product. A chocolate bar without calories? The inventor would have to become a millionaire in a week :)! Fortunately, Walden Farms products, which can effectively replace classic sweets. Walden Farms dips are characterized by a thick consistency (similar to pudding) thanks to which constitute a specific snack.

Calorie-free dips work well as an addition to dishes

Dips are available in three flavors: chocolate dip, caramel dip and vanilla dip of marshmallow flavored with sugar foams. Dips are among the most-bought products in the category - they are liked because they do not have calories, fat or carbohydrates. Sweet dips 0 kcal have versatile applications - can be added to pancakes, omelettes and waffles, can be added to natural yoghurt, served as an ice cream additive . Zip-free dips are restrictive diets, which scrupulously count carbohydrates, including sugars, fats and calories. A sweet dip is a diversification of a particularly restrictive diet, especially during acute reduction. Dips are great as an addition to omelets and high-protein pancakes - these meals can be dry; oiling the omelette with a dip or jelly. 0 cal zero zero zero om om om om om om om om om om. omelette tastes much better.