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Chocolate creams without sugar 

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Showing 1 - 39 of 382 items

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Chocolate creams without sugar

Chocolate and chocolate-peanut creams for sandwiches are delicious - it does not matter if you mean the cult "squirrel cream" from the 80's or the classic Nutella®. Unfortunately, in addition to the taste of this type of products do not have too many advantages - they are a real caloric bomb, packed with sugar and hardened fats and contrary to the ads provided by the valuable protein or healthy cocoa is in them as much as the cat cried. That's why it's right to eliminate products from the menu with other sweets - it does not mean that you have to completely give up a delicious chocolate cream sandwich - instead you can replace them with a healthier version without sugar, sweetened with vegetable extracts or with added protein.

Among the available in the store alternatives to popular chocolate creams you can choose from sweetened stevia Spanish cream Torras, maltitol sweet cream Damhert (there is even striped cream white chocolate - milk chocolate and cream Milky Way), Go Lo or Go Lightly or low calorie ( about 200kcal / 100g) Better n Chocolate creams. Particularly noteworthy is ProtoChoc Sensazioni with sensational composition and excellent nutritional values ​​- chocolate cream enriched with protein and sweetened with natural erythritol